The New One Pound Coin?
The new £1 coin was introduced on 28th March 2017 so it is necessary to purchase conversion kits for light meters which accept the old £1 coins.

Click here to download new one pound coin conversion instructions.

Peradon SCT or ADM Light Meters
You need to purchase....

1 x S5884.100 NEW £1 Coin Mechanism


1 x S5885 New Shape Safety Plate (a new shape metal plate that is fitted under the new shape mechanism)

Peradon DCT Light Meters
If the meter is pre-2011 (with serial number less than ET-0314115) then you need to purchase...

1 x S5863 conversion kit (includes wall bracket and new entry plate)

If the meter is Post 2011 (with serial number greater than ET-0314115) then you need to purchase...

1 x S5864 conversion kit (new entry plate only)

Note: All electrical work should be carried out by a qualifed electrician.

To purchase this product, find your nearest Peradon stockist.

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