Talisman Pro Tips
Talisman Billiards have many years of experience in making layered cue tips. Following extensive experimentation with glue mixtures and production techniques the company invested heavily in the latest technological machinery to produce this extremely popular tip. Since it was discovered by many top professionals its popularity has increased further.

S2010-T09S - Box of 3 Soft 9mm Pro Tips

S2010-T09M - Box of 3 Medium 9mm Pro Tips

S2010-T09H - Box of 3 Hard 9mm Pro Tips

S2010-T09XH - Box of 3 Xtra Hard Pro Tips

S2010-T10S - Box of 3 Soft 10mm Pro Tips

S2010-T10M - Box of 3 Medium 10mm Pro Tips

S2010-T10H - Box of 3 Hard 10mm Pro Tips

S2010-T10XH - Box of 3 Xtra Hard 10mm Pro Tips

S2010-T14S - Box of 3 Soft 14mm Pro Tips

S2010-T14M - Box of 3 Medium 14mm Pro Tips

S2010-T14H - Box of 3 Hard 14mm Pro Tips

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